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The Estate Planning Company is a law firm specializing solely on Colorado estate planning. We have a streamlined and simple process to provide affordable and comprehensive estate plans quickly.

The Estate Planning Company offers two types of estate planning packages everybody can benefit from: a Simple Colorado Will Package and a Colorado Living Trust Package. We also offer two more advanced trust plans: an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Package and a Stand Alone Stretch IRA Trust Package.

The Colorado Living Trust Package contains the following documents, each of which are described in greater detail on the links below:

The Colorado Will package includes all the documents of a trust package, except for the Living Trust.

The Estate Planning Company estate plans help keep one’s family out of court, while they are alive and upon their passing. When one is unavailable or simply unable to handle their affairs, financial and medical powers of attorney help avoid a conservatorship and/or a guardianship proceeding. Upon passing, The Estate Planning Company Living Trusts help avoid a probate court proceeding and can provide tremendous tax and asset protection benefits.