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The Estate Planning Company is a Colorado estate planning law firm located just south of Denver. Our lawyers have been practicing law in Colorado for approximately twenty-five years in the areas of estate planning, asset protection and estate administration. We believe everybody is entitled to and benefits from a comprehensive estate plan tailored to each person’s particular goals and objectives.

The Estate Planning Company offers customized Colorado Will and Colorado Living Trust based estate plans at a fraction of the price of a traditional law firm. Our plans bring tremendous value by helping individuals and couples maintain privacy while saving every tax dollar, professional fee and court expense possible.

The Estate Planning Company began as an idea of how to provide access to customized, state-of-the-art estate planning to all Colorado residents as only 35% of people have a Will. Undoubtedly, everyone needs and benefits from a comprehensive and complete estate plan. We learned people have the following thoughts about estate planning:

  • prefer the experience and guidance of an attorney over a form company;
  • believe traveling to a law firm can be time consuming and inconvenient;
  • desire reasonable and affordable prices; and
  • favor a simple process as estate planning appears complicated.

The Estate Planning Company has addressed each concern through its unique three step process of acquiring only the necessary information on its online questionnaire, following up with a phone consultation that saves time and avoids the need for travel for the initial consultation, and finally meeting with the attorney to review and properly execute their estate plan that is tailored for their specific needs and goals. Our process avoids the common pitfalls of using a form company enabling you to rely on the experience and knowledge of Colorado attorneys who specialize in Colorado estate planning. The Estate Planning Company utilizes technology that makes it possible for one to get all the benefits of having a law firm prepare their estate plan at our wholesale price that saves our clients approximately forty to eighty percent of what they would pay at a comparable Colorado law firm.

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